Our Family

Clark and Alyssa met in college oh so many years ago. 2006, if memory serves. We were married on January 1, 2010, so that Alyssa wouldn’t forget our anniversary. From our childhoods, we have both wanted to know God and serve Him however He desired. Both Clark and Alyssa are serving on the foreign field today because of trips we took in secondary school and university. Together, we have been on 11 separate trips and have lived in several foreign countries. It is a joy to serve God and tell others about what He has done for us.

In June 2012, God gave us Ella Rose. She is sweet, thoughtful, and smart as a whip. She enjoys making crafts, planning parties, and going to ballet. Ezekiel was born in June 2015, and so far he pretty much just likes getting in to trouble. They are both active children, and whether it is at the park or at church, they love making new friends.

Together, we serve at Southside Baptist Church in South London. We strive to maintain a family atmosphere at Southside, where everybody is welcome to join us in worship.img_7471