About Us

Clark and Alyssa Berryman are veteran missionaries serving with BIMI in London, England. We are currently on furlough to raise support to return to London and continue our work with Southside Baptist Church and the network of church plants and revitalization projects as well as evangelistic endeavors throughout many closed countries of the world. Our plan is to return to London in Summer 2017. We currently have 70% of our needed support. Would you work, give, and pray with us by faith that the journey back to the field will be quick and straightforward?

Over the last two years we have developed an exciting outreach into the heart of the world’s most turbulent region, the Middle East.  After eighteen months of cultural adaptation and language learning in Tbilisi, Georgia, we are excited to have spent the last six months in a team building process in London, our central base, with our long term ministry partners the Bunnells.